About me

I’m Robin, an eight-year-old boy with 44 years   of life experience, 21 of which in advertising, marketing and communication training.

I teach grown ups how to communicate about their business the same way they used to communicate as a child: fearlessly authentic with no intention of hiding neither flaws nor strengths.

By doing so, my clients take their brand, their product, their customers, their employees ànd themselves to a whole new level of creativity and credibility.

Flawesome is …

Kids are flawesome: they show us                  their strengths ànd flaws relentlessly,               no matter what we might think of it.

They’re perfectly imperfect, free from shame and fearlessly authentic because they are not limited by what society expects from them.

This makes them the most creative, credible and loved beings on the planet.

I believe that when adults find the courage to be imperfect, They can transform their flaws into awesome strengths and apply them to the way they manage their lives, companies and brands.




Flawesome Branding

In these digital times, authenticity is the main thing brands and consumers want to associate with. But how do you claim something that disappears the moment you claim it? 

Flawesome Branding is a co-creation brand-clinic for entrepreneurs who want to rethink their brand, turn flaws into strengths and communicate with the world through fearlessly authentic campaigns.

The result: your own blueprint for a positive brand personality that ‘pops out’ because it communicates its added value to society while staying absolutely true to itself.

Maximum participants: 10

Flawesome Training

Do you have to be talented to be creative in corporate communication or advertising?        Or could it be that creativity is a mentality rather than a gift?

And is it true that when creativity meets vulnerability… you get credibility?

‘How To Be Creative Without Being Talented’ and ‘How To Use Vulnerability As A Strength’ are interactive crash courses on how to become a brand communication badass in 1 day by using vulnerability and a lack of creativity to your advantage.

The result: inspiration, self-confidence and an emotional way-out-of-the-box mentality for people who are in charge of marketing, advertising, PR and brand communication in general.

Maximum participants: 15

Flawesome Keynote

Ever wonder why life seemed so simple when you were young?

Could it be life is still simple but it’s actually YOU who got more complex?

What if you could become who you once were?

“How to use your inner child as a grown up” is an interactive keynote on how to implement the child you once were into your personal and professional life of today.

The result: an inspirational eye- and heart-opener for anyone who feels there’ s ‘something missing’ in their personal or professional life.

Maximum participants: a lot


Happy clients

Years of Experience


Flawesome is totally awesome.

Wim de Strijcker

Head of Strategy, Porternovelli

Outgoing, warm, a bit of a nutcase and a truly creative mind who has managed to nourish his inner child in a fashion not many people manage to do. An excellent strategist who has a way with concepts and words and one of the most caring persons I know. You cannot but love the guy!

Serge Cornelus

Lector, Artevelde Hogeschool Gent

I’ve been working with Robin for about 15 years and every time he surprises me. He’s one of these rare creatives that possesses a strategic & creative-conceptual brain, combined with a great sense of consumer insights, based on real life experience & observations. On top of that he’s an inspirational trainer with a very straight-forward style. And as a person he’s a fun dude to work with!”

Christophe Reiter

CCO, Vivaldis Interim

Robin helped our company discover what was already there: a purpose that is so much bigger than our product. I vividly recommend using him to give your company a bigger heart.

Els Van De Veire

Owner/CEO, MultiMediaMakers

During the past 5 years, Robin has worked on several projects for our medical practice which is based in Australia. From the very initial brief, he has created such a magic with our branding and also given us motivation and inspiration through his natural passion and zest for life. He has the ability to lock into the heart of a business and then communicate its values and its ‘why’ clear and strong.

Bronwyn Delriviere

Director, Surgeons Collectieve


Amazing how much we have unlearned since we were kids. Absolutely loved this insightful presentation about turning your vulnerability into authenticity.

Ilse Geeraerts

Designer, Terre Bleue

Robin’s technique to tap into a brand’s soul and to generate concepts and campaigns is unique. For various Australian projects, he has combined the richness of his long standing European experience in multilingual campaigns, with exceptional ability to target an Australian audience with refreshing creativity. A true professional whom I recommend to anyone whose brand is in soul searching mode.”

Kris Borgraeve

CEO, Digital practice

A truely inspirational keynote session, funny, moving and hope-giving.

Bart Van Aert

Associate, Vision by Deloitte

Robin has developed our brand personality. He ‘s pretty digital for guy who’s too old to be a digital native. And he has a gift to align a brand personality with the people behind that brand. He’s also completely nuts. Just like us.

Yves Sandyck

CEO, Moodmaker

Once you’ve met Robin, you’ll never forget him. Why? His genuine way of life. Call it his personal tone-of-voice and his open way of being. Just like the open mind of a kid. With the same attitude he’s turning organisations into pure and powerful brands.    A great person to work with. And by far one of the most skilled creative trainers I know.”

Bavo Van Landeghem

Founder/CEO, Scriptorij

Always in a good mood but dead serious when it comes to delivering outstanding creative & strategic inspiration. Robin doesn’t only deliver creatively BUT he challenges us strategically all the time. He makes sure we take the right direction and if he senses hesitation, he’ll blow your mind with a fantastic insight. I love working with him.

Steven Van Dingenen

Founding Father, De Bottomline

Authenticity is not to be clamed but to be acted upon.  As smart as it is disarming. Flawesome is the new awesome.

Bram Doolaege

Founding partner, Streetwize